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    management software

    how to manage your market research projects easily

  • A supportive tool to improve your market research quality

    The computerised management tool that will enable agencies to achieve greater productivity and efficiency in tackling the growing complexity of market research

  • discover the right place to
    "video collaborate"
    while conducting a market research project

    all you need to have is an internet connection

    a fast and cost-effective way to run video market research today. Anyone with an Internet connection and a web browser can take part.
    A user - friendly, feature - complete platform for your projects

    listen to your respondents. No matter where they are

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  •  a new technological platform for your video-market research

    live focus groups

    • quickly organise and conduct live groups or IDI's
    • use any webcam or microphone
    • share digital media
    • immediately playback the session 
    • video & audio record the FG
    • interact with your clients during the session
    • different tools to explore your Respondents' needs



    live interviews

    • a useful solution to capture opinions and insights in real time
    • create discussion guides
    • respondents' privacy and anonimity guaranteed
    • invite observers
    • show images, texts and videos
    • quick survey questions
    • private chat with participants or observers
    • transcripts immediately available 

    facility observation 

    • conduct live focus groups or one to one interviews in a traditional facility and trasmit to remote viewers
    • conduct any tipe of interviews with audio/video transmission and remote participants
    • Clients can virtually attend the fieldwork from all corners of the world by connecting through any type of device (pc, tablet or smartphone)


    • observe your consumers in their natural environment
    • no more cost and time constraints of traditional field research methods
    • be anywhere at any time


    • brief your interviewers
    • audio and video record the briefings
    • briefing transcripts immediately available
    • conduct pilot interviews with interviewers
    • allow clients to participate in the briefing with the interviewers
  • this tool allows you to follow the focus group remotely




  • web - based collaboration tools
    for market research

    collaboration tools

    Share ideas, images and media with your team.

    Discuss with participants across the web with audio and video streaming simply by using your browser: no software installation is required.

    translation tools

    The audio streaming is available in two languages: while the session takes place in the main room, observers in a second room can follow the event live, in their preferred language (native or translation), and interact with the moderator through a dedicated chat.


    recording tools

    It’s not simply about audio and video recording: the platform keeps track of everything that happens during the session.

    All the media shared during the session, the audio of the translator, the transcripts are tracked, recorded and available in one place in one timeline.

    video marker tools

    Highlight the most interesting moments of the discussion simply by pressing a button and choosing a name for the time-tag.

    You don’t need to go through the whole recording as you can easily and quickly access all the relevant moments of the event session.


    transcription tools

    Active Viewing offers transcription of the sessions in native and foreign languages for multi-country projects. Video can also be subtitled. Active viewing Transcript synchronize the text to video.

    storage & sharing tools

    All recordings are stored in your personal area and you decide who can access it.

    customization tools

    Customize the whole platform with your brand. 
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